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Discovering The Secret Of PappaSan

PappaSan Restaurant Singapore

PAPPASAN –The Destination Restaurant

At Dorsett Hotel Singapore

PappaSan has been created as a destination restaurant for food lovers. PappaSan Restaurant located in Dorsett Hotel, features unique European and Asian Cuisines made with authentic secret family recipes, fresh with passion.  We offer delicious gourmet grill, roast, baked fish, pasta and Asian favorites are prepared with fresh ingredients and house made special sauces.

PappaSan has a unique and stylish design with natural tones and chic ambience.  A giant oil painting of a mystery woman adorn the main feature wall. Large French sofas provide for a comfortable experience. The tables are specially selected suar wood from the Indonesian rain forest.  A long Bar with a designer onyx top for a party of 15 guests and island bar offers a wide selection of cocktails, beers, hard liquors and wines.  PappaSan is a trendy and cozy place for wine and dine, post dinner drinks or chill out at alfresco lounge.

The Private Room can accommodate up to 14 guests for meetings or dining.  For events at the restaurant, we are also able to customize special international buffet menus for events or social gatherings.

Pappasan features unique European and Asian Cuisines, specialties such as Snow Mountain Baked Fish, Honey Glazed Baked Cod Fish, Grilled Beef Tenderloin Steak, PappaSan Chicken Rice, Heritage Platter, Marinated Carrots with Honey & Ginseng, Signature Char Kway Teow, Lobster Fried Rice, Ipoh Kway Teow Rich Soup, Alaska King Crabmeat Seafood Noodle, Richman Wagyu Burger, Grass Fed Fillet Steak Ciabatta Sandwich, Boston Lobster Pasta and more..

PappaSan island bar also offers freshly brewed coffee, tea, cappuccino, latte hazelnut. Enjoy freshly squeezed juices, Melon Boost, Detox Cleanse, Jamaica Magic and more. It’s a great way to discover the goodness, energizing refreshing juices for a healthier lifestyle.

PappaSan provide a comfortable & cozy dining place, where our international travelers and local customers can enjoy Singapore heritage flavors, Asian favorites and the specialty of Europe.  Open for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.  Offer a wide variety of cuisines, enjoy our a la carte menu, 3-Course Asian Lunch & 4 –Course Gourmet Lunch,  Afternoon Tea with heritage delights & western favorites that comes in 3-tier dessert stand. Modern approach to all time favorites, features 4-Course and 6-Course Gourmet Dinner, Asian and International Buffet for private events.  Whether you are here for business meetings, events or just networking, PappaSan is an ideal place to wine and dine.


帕帕膳 餐厅现以全新面貌亮相,呈献全新的餐饮理念。帕帕膳具有独特的设计,采用自然色调和现代特色。主题壁 画是 一幅大型神秘女郎的油画。法国大沙发提供舒适的风格情调。这里的木餐桌都是经过特别挑选的印度尼西亚的雨树,自然美观图案。特长型吧台的设计可容纳十六人,这里提供新鲜生啤酒,来自亚洲, 和多种酒类、洋酒、鸡尾酒和其他饮料。

帕帕膳推出欧洲和亚洲秘方美食风味如 帕帕膳 特色鸡饭,炒粿条,龙虾面,雪山盐焗鱼 及更多种美食佳肴,也为对咖啡情有独钟的宾客冲泡香喷喷的即磨咖啡。高雅的用餐环境,更是举办轻松的 晚餐派对,聚会场所的理想之选。

亲临帕帕膳餐厅,可品尝到欧洲和亚洲秘方美食 ,享用早午餐下午茶和晚餐 ,这里供应各类美食及多种酒类、洋酒、鸡尾酒和其他饮料任君品尝。更多美食惊喜等待您逐一发现。


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Opening hours: 6.30am – 10.30pm

Call 68201316.

Address: 01-01, 333 New Bridge Road Singapore 088765



More Information

For members of the public, feel free to head down to PappaSan Restaurant to book for Wedding Photo-shoots, Corporate Functions such as Company Award ceremonies, Introduction of New Chairperson or your Shop’s Anniversary.

To find out more information of the videos of how PappaSan restaurant installed their iconic wall painting, click on our About Us page.

Join us at PappaSan now to experience the “Secrets” of delicious food from around the world. Stay tuned to our events that will happen in the future weeks.

Delicious! Love their beef burger and the overall atmosphere. A great place to chill out with friends.

Irvin Lin